Wits Technologies is Web design/development company based in Nairobi-Kenya that is about helping you achieve your dream. Help us understand your dream and we shall code that into a working reality. We involve you through every step to ensure we not only stick to the plan but also focus on delivering what you need. If we’re not wittier in what we do, then we’re dead.

Our services are generally web based solutions for both SMEs and well established brands. Whether you’re looking for a website developer or a place to host your website, a way to boost your website on search engines, social media and the world at large, here at Wits Technologies we got a dedicated team ready to take care of all that!


To connect your idea to the target audience on the web.


To be the leading firm offering internet related services in the East African region.


We are committed to deliver witty excellence in business performance by focusing on the following:

  • Develop intelligent systems that deliver
  • Web design, development and maintenance
  • Make your business accessible on the web
  • Boost your business using the social media
  • Meet our customer requirements
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