Web Design

Building the skeleton of your site can be a complicated thing. Wits Technologies will handle this for you as we provide you not just a design but a modern look. We comprise of a skilled team that assures you that your website is a superior design layout based on a different method of experience in formulation and maintenance.We ensure that the required outcome is presented to you by creating your dream website to your satisfaction. We guarantee you that the user interface and experience of your site is of excellent quality by setting up in the right manner. Behind that good-looking design, Wits Technologies uses the most modern technologies to bring out that aesthetic. Our coding is clean, well-documented and secure. We develop your site using different varieties of skills.

This implies that your site can be developed using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Django and Magento which makes your site entail visible features to the user as well as giving you a back-office where you can manage your website content and media seamlessly. You no longer need to use a lot of money in promoting your business manually, we assist you to have an e-commerce website that will facilitate online marketing of your products and even promote your sales online.We use the latest versions of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Glyph and JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, JSON, AJAX).

Web Development

Wits Technologies also builds your website from scratch by coding your imagination into a working website.When it comes to compatibility, you cannot be left out as Wits Technologies also provides better visible content to your site that will improve it in an outstanding manner. Since some people can decide to view your website on smartphones, tablets, iPads, and windows, therefore, our team delivers the best site that is responsive and adapts to any screen resolutions whatsoever. These are the best services you can imagine. We also use other extensive MVC frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Django, CodeIgniter) depending with the scope of work as well as powerful programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Node.js and SQL for database driven web applications.

You may have a website but need another better and advanced site, Wits Technologies is the best place to get assistance, we will aid you in redesigning your website and give it a better look than you can imagine, we can also convert your current static website into a dynamic or even a content management system.Open source customization is becoming more effective since it’s easier to use, saves you money, not time wasting and is dynamic. Wits Technologies will give you the best planning and implementation of the step you may want to make. With this, you will enjoy the benefits of open source customization in terms of successes and your savings.