UI/UX Design Guide and Importance

The user experience or UX design process is one of the most important parts of a website and mobile app creation. UX determines how a user or a visitor interacts with your website, or application – whether the product allows users to fulfill their goals and meet their expectations. Excellent user experience makes the users happy hence leading to credibility and higher conversions, while poor user experience leads to low customer satisfaction and user frustration.

If you as a business genuinely wants your website and applications to reflect in the market, that needs an impressive website and mobile app design. Don’t forget that it needs a powerful use case to utilize fundamental user experience design principles for great benefits. In order to provide a better and easy solution of either a website or a mobile app design to the end-users;

  • Think about the user’s perspective by understanding the user’s requirements and creating designs according to them. Keeping in mind that the design requirement may change from one client to another, a professional designer designs a website or an app that users don’t find it complicated while navigating/using it.
  • The easy navigation of the website and mobile application is the most valuable feature because it allows users to find the content they are searching for quickly. For example for designing easy to navigate the mobile app, a designer can add a menu icon as per the needs in order to utilize the space.
  • Design and research work is very much important to be done, sketching a user flow and creating a simple prototype for guidance on the information the client provided and what the users need. The prototypes don’t have to be fancy since it just shows how users can interact with the product’s content and actions.
  • The designs should be accessible. It is critical to think that all users use the product the same way. For example including the arrows and pointers on the app can be helpful for users to easily get-to- where they intend to.
  • Maintain consistency all through the website and app design, this implies that the design should use similar colors, font styles, icons all through and also in the same order. This assists the users to perform actions without awareness of being on different platforms.
  • Ensure buttons and all clickable features functions accordingly in both the website and mobile app. This helps users to be assured about the action to be performed. The call-to-action buttons should be easily visible to users and also be defined clearly.

Regardless of how you design the visuals on your application/website, if it’s not functionally supportive for browsing or navigation, or it doesn’t meet the needs of the target audience, then your product has failed.

UX/UI  Design

Website /application design prototype is a development methodology that follows the concept of a user-centered approach. Your users expect a simple, clear, and attractive website or mobile application. Starting with storyboarding, is a method of the design commonly used in software applications and website design. It is a visual representation of the appearance and flow of the pages. Another method used to make the storyboard complete is wireframing, this is a simple representation of the skeletal structure of the web and mobile design ( shows the design by sketching the initial ideas on the papers ). However, wireframing is used to lay out the hierarchy, structures, and relationships between elements of the web or application design. The other method used in the design is known as the user-centered approach, this is a low-fidelity design that can be useful for considering alternative solutions to the users. The importance of developing a creative, simple, and modern website or mobile app design is as follows;

  • Usage of good graphics such as images, layout, and colors to make the design more appealing to the users.
  • Maintaining the app or website color palette attractive is important to the users.
  • Too many features on the app/website make it difficult for users to interact with hence taking away their focus on using a particular product.
  • Too many hamburger menus and sub-menus make it challenging to browse the websites. Besides, it utilizes a lot of space. Minimizing the hamburger menus offers an excellent user interface with easy navigation.
  • Make the content of the design engaging by making them readable, visible, precise, and informative.

UI/UX process is important for building functional and elegant products. Simple UX and smart UI leads to successful user interaction, engagement, and impression.

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